Just a girl documenting her life.




Welcome to M is for Mellie ! My name is Melissa or Mellie. On here I document my thoughts, adventures and everything in between. This is also a great excuse for me to eat as much vegan food as I can and tell you how great it was! Oh and I share a new post every week.


As you can tell from the picture I'm a super cool gal, I was born and raised in Port-au-Prince Haiti,  I have two amazing parents that are like my best friends and I have a older sister Ann-Isabelle (AKA little Annie) she's kind of cool too.

This blog is my way of documenting my life and all the memories I make alone the way. Hopefully one day a company will fly me out to Paris, everything will be paid for and all I will have to do is post a bunch of cute pictures... Too much? Well for now I am having fun with my little adventures!



-I speak 3 languages french, kreyol and english (hopefully Spanish soon)

-I went vegan overnight when I was 17

-I like the tech industry I think it's so cool but I am studying Construction Management

-I love to laugh, specially at my own jokes

-I love Beyonce, let me write that again. I love Beyonce

-My dream travel destinations are: Brazil, Bali, Cape Town, Cuba and Australia

-When we were younger my sister and I use to roll up printer paper and pretend we were smoking, one day my sister actually light the paper and inhaled it, she shocked for some time and we never did it again

-I love to dance I could have a dance party on my own for hours... HOURS I tell ya

-I love cocktails mocktails and a soon as I turn 21 I to take a proper course and learn how to make proper cocktails.

-I love to talk but I am also a great listener (or so I think)

-Not many people know this but when I was younger at one point my dream job was to be a cashier at a grocery store