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As much as I would love to have a deep story about how I became a vegan, that's not the case, sorry babes. But I'll still share my story with you, so I became a vegan about three years ago, it was a sunny day in Haiti, and instead of working on my school program (I was homeschooled the last 2 1/2 years of high school) I was watching videos on youtube. My sister was a vegetarian, and that day I decided to do more research on becoming a vegetarian. 

I found this video that basically said if you're vegetarian you're not contributing to anything because after the animals are no longer used for the milk they still send them to the slaughterhouse and besides eggs are a chickens period. For some reason I  was so shocked, it's like I never connected the dots, for about four months after my discovery I told everyone I met and knew that eggs are chickens period. 

I ended up watching this video by Gary Yourofsky called the best speech you will ever hear, and I was sold I didn't even eat my lunch that day I went home and spilled the beans to my parents, my parents were okay with it and supported me in any way they could with my decision. And I was thoroughly traumatized by PETA to never go back on my choice.



  • Do not eat 10 potatoes and 50 bananas a day. Most of the YouTubers who eat like that and are fit it's because basically all they do is eat and exercise.
  • Have a colorful plate; if you're going to become a vegan, you will have to eat veggies. Fruits are full of vitamins, but they are also full of sugar your entire diet cannot be based on fruits
  • Listen to your body, this one kind of contradicts the second tip, if you're craving sugar eat fruits just remember everything in moderation 
  • Know your "why" it's a lot easier to give up on something if you're reason behind it is not legit. For me, it's the environment and my health.
  • Don't be afraid of change; your body might react to the change in your diet in many different ways but be patient because the results are worth it 
  • Don't wait for you to be super hungry to eat. 
  • Do your research on both sides. Veganism is more mainstream, but people will still question why you live the way you do, which is good it's a great way to start a HEALTHY debate and maybe convince them to make smarter decisions about their diets but also need to know what you're talking about.
  • Don't force it down peoples throat I did that to my papa, and it only backfired, it's better to encourage people around you to make healthier decisions. Now my Papa is a healthy fella who makes smart, healthy decisions about his food 


To Watch:

//Best Speech You Will Ever Hear - Gary Yourofsky (On YouTube)

//Cowspiracy (On Netflix)

//Vegucated (On Netflix)

//Forks over Knives(On Netflix)

//Food Inc.(On Netflix)

//Earthlings (On Netflix)

//Blackfish (On Netflix)

To Read:

Holy Cow by David Duchovny// This is a quick read, it told from the perspective of a cow. It's an excellent short story to read if you just became a vegan.

The China Study by  T. Colin Campbell, Thomas M.Campbell II// Truth be told I never read this book, but I have heard so much about it that it feels like I have. It's a very popular one in the vegan community.


There are also many resources on Pinterest and Instagram, vegans who share their foods online it's an easy way to get inspiration for recipes, some of my favorites are: