As I get older the importance of keeping up with the word about me gets more and more important and that’s the case for you also. There are a few ways that I keep up with the different changes happening whether it’s a good podcast (which by the way, aren’t you glad they are a thing again?) or newsletter.

My thing is that I don’t want to feel like I am going through a cycle in life with my head down and now knowing what’s going on around the world… You and I should both be able to walk into a room and have an intelligent conversation about current political climates, money or whatever topic being discussed without feeling like you can’t share your opinion because we don’t have enough knowledge about the situation.

Granted you don’t need to know everything about anything but we should have a good head on our shoulders!

So from having a good laugh to keeping up with the news or a good murder podcast, here are the online resources you should check out:

Girl Talk

SwallowIt Podcast If you had girlfriends and you were talking about your personal life with absolutely no reserve Danni & Camilla are the girls you would want to be be talking to. When I listen to their podcast it literally feels as if I am in the room with them.

Stuff Your Mother Never Told You Podcast The title say it all.

TheBitchBible Newsletter // TheBitchBible Podcast Where I get my weekly dose of bitchiness .

Because You’re A Big Girl Now

TheSkimm //TheSkimm Podcast Every morning you’ll get a run down of the latest news in your email bright and early and if you didn’t have time to read it, you can easily catch up with their 15 minute podcast after work.

MoneyDiaries Podcast A great way to learn about money and listen to real life experience from the good and the bad about money and how people manage their own.

Secrets of Wealthy Women Podcast Women candidly speaking about their experience in the business and corporate girl. A must, many valuable lessons in this one.

The Argument Great podcast to hear interesting debates and different point of views on political topics.

The Intelligence Your dose of important International news, that too often don’t get the attention they should.


Because the more you know, the more you know

Gatesnotes Blog Always great articles and amazing book recommendations.

Science VS Podcast A fun one to listen to, different topics every week.

Science Rules Podcast Bill Nye… my homie from middle school an OG science teacher, nuff said.

The Fun Stuf, all of these are good

TheDropOut Podcast every time I hear something about Theranos it makes me laugh.

Bundy Ville Podcast If you love cults this is one if for you!

Heavens Gate Podcast Another cult one, I love this one.

Crime Junkie Podcast For all my true crime lovers out there.

Podcasts and newsletters you should know, Podcast, Newsletter
Podcasts and newsletters you should know, Podcast, Newsletter, what to do during your commute, l
Podcasts and newsletters you should know, Podcast, Newsletter, what to do during your commute, l
Podcasts and newsletters you should know, Podcast, Newsletter, what to do during your commute, l